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From: Alex
Subject: Fathers Love Series - Chapter 4A Father's LoveChapter 4By AlexTyler loved riding in this car- it was something so incredible to him. As
they drove through the busy roads in San Diego, David pointed out things
for Tyler to look at. Half the time Tyler had to lean across David to see
out the window at whatever David was pointing at. Each time, Tyler would
put his hand on David's leg a little over halfway up his thigh. And each
time Tyler touched his meaty thigh, David could feel his soldier respond.They arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a narrow booth- or it at
least felt like it was narrow. Chip sat on one side and David slid into
the other. Tyler sat down beside David and scooted over until they're legs
were touching. David couldn't help but notice how much room was left on
the other side of Tyler but there was no way he was about to complain. He
simply put his arm around Tyler as the three of them looked at the menus
and talked. Tyler leaned back and yawned wide and long shaking his head at
the end."How are ya feeling?" David asked Tyler in mid yawnTyler stretched his back a bit, which pushed most of his torso up against
David's side. As he relaxed he just leaned into his dad's side. Tyler
felt the arm around his shoulder tighten a little bit pulling him into a
sideways hug with David. With his menu in hand he leaned back and tried to
decide what to have as David's hand rubbed his neck."I just couldn't sleep last night- I kept waking up.""Oh- is the bed okay?""It's the best bed I've ever been on- I nude little girl lolitas just couldn't sleep." Tyler said
back quietly.Tyler put his menu down on the table and leaned forward putting his elbows
on the table and resting his head in his hands. Chip looked at David and
gave him a smile as Tyler yawned again. David grinned back and rubbed
Tyler's back.David and Chip finished breakfast with Tyler almost passing out in the
booth into his food. Tyler was still trying to eat but it seemed he could
barely keep his eyes open let alone trying to coordinate a fork. The two
men quickly finished eating and David settled the check as quietly as
possible. David woke Tyler up enough to get him to walk out as Chip went
ahead to get the car. Tyler crawled into the back seat apologizing for
being so tired."Don't worry about it- you had a big day yesterday," David said
reassuringly as car began to pull away. "Do you know why you didn't get
any sleep last night?""I just couldn't get comfortable" Tyler said as he sat sideways in the seat
leaning against his dad. He rested he head against David's side as David
draped his arm over his shoulder, laying his hand on his chest. Very soon
Tyler was asleep curled up against David's side."Can you just take us home Chip? I think we'll hold off the sight seeing.""Sure thing- is he asleep yet?""Yea- out like a light."Speaking in a hushed tone Chip said "When I talked to him this morning he
said he couldn't sleep because the house makes different noises than his
mom's house.""I'm sure it does" David softly said. He looked down and put his cheek
against the top of Tyler's head. "This really can't be as easy on him as
he's making it look. His whole world has changed. I just wish I knew what
to lolita teen nude galleries do.""I'm sure you'll be able to help him- if there's anyone that could, it's
his dad, right?" Chip smiled at David, if only he felt as confident and
Chip's faith in him was.David watched as the landscape rushed past the window in silence. Tyler
was sound asleep against him. The images of his son's butt that seemed to
hang in his mind all night were gone. As he looked down he just saw Tyler.
A boy, his boy, out of his comfort zone, feeling alone, stressed and lost.
He rubbed his chest and held him close to his own.A few bumps and turns as they navigated the streets of San Diego caused
Tyler to lean further across the seat and soon his head was resting on his
dad's lap much like the previous night on the couch. David ran his hand
along Tyler exposed arm as Chip navigated the twisting roads. Periodically
Tyler would twist his head around inadvertently grinding it into David's
lap causing him an obvious erection so with each bump Tyler's head rubbed
against his shaft. As he felt himself swell the thoughts of yesterday came
back again. David's hand wandered from his son's arm down to his side. He
felt the trim tight muscles of his obliques and as the car entered the
driveway to the house; his hand bumped the top of his shorts just below the
boy's bellybutton. His middle finger slid under the waistband of his
shorts just millimeters when the jolt of the car coming to a stop woke
Tyler up.David quickly took his hand off Tyler's stomach. Tyler sat up and
stretched with his eyes closed. David looked down and could see a clearly
wet spot at the end of his dick. He was still very hard and felt another
pulse and could feel the precum leaking onto his leg. Tyler looked at the
dark spot on his dad's leg and before he could say anything David
explained."I just spilled a little water on my leg while we were getting out of the
booth." He hoped Tyler would believe it- with all the nervousness in his
voice he was sure that Tyler would be able to tell it was a lie. His face
blushed as Tyler looked back at the spot where his head was just laying,
rubbing his eyes still trying to wake up. Just then Chip opened the door."Saved by the bell," David thought.Tyler climbed out first and walked into the house as David took his time
getting out of the car. He didn't want Tyler to see him with a tent in his
pants so he waited till he had started climbing the stairs. Once inside
Tyler sat down in the living room on the couch. He was still very tired as
was almost asleep when Russell came into the room."Are you okay Tyler?" he asked"I'm just tired- I didn't get any sleep last night.""Perhaps you should go lay down for a little while. Lunch won't be for a
few hours and from what I understand you dad has a few things scheduled for
today to show you.""Okay- when my dad comes in could you please tell him I just went to my
room to take a nap?""Certainly- I'll tell him as soon as he comes in."Tyler walked up the steps and as he reached the top, he looked out the
front windows behind him and could see David and Chip talking beside the
car. He walked into his room without fully closing the door and took of
his shirt and shoes. Unbuttoning his shorts as he walked to the bed, he
kicked them off to the side of the room and climbed under the sheet.As David got out of the car Chip noticed the dark spot on his leg and could
see the outline of the cock head straining against the fabric of David's
pants. He stared for a moment too long and David asked "Seriously? Is it
really that obvious?"Chip smiled and held back a giggle as he responded, "well- I don't know
many people who could miss something that big.""Damn it- do you think Tyler saw it?""I dunno- he was pretty beat tight virgin lolita pussies
when he went inside. What do you have on your
mind?" he said with a laugh"Fuck you," he said laughing, "I don't need to take this- get this thing in
the garage before I fire you."Chip snapped him a half-assed salute and hopped back in the car. David
turned around walked back towards the house. As he opened the door he saw
Russell walking towards him. "Tyler has gone back to bed for a little
while. The nude lolita nymphets sweet poor boy looks absolutely exhausted.""Okay- I'll go and see if there is anything he needs."David walked up to Tyler's room and slowly pushed the door open. Tyler was
in bed but still had his eyes open. "You feel okay pal?" The moment he
said it he knew "pal" wasn't going to work either."Yea- I just can't fall asleep in here. I don't know what it is, I'm tired
and the bed is really nice-""Feel lollita girls in cp like talking?" junior young lolita models David asked as he sat down on the edge of his
bed. "When I can't sleep sometimes it's because there are just too many
thoughts in my head and it can't get them out."Tyler moved over to give David more room. "Okay, what do you want to talk
about?""I don't know- you're the one who can't sleep- what's on your mind?""I dunno- I just can't fall asleep. It's like every time I get close it
seems like there's a bunch of noise in my brain all of a sudden."David leaned back against the headboard beside Tyler but as they talked he
slid down until he was laying flat on his back beside him. Tyler lay on
his side facing David and laid his head on his dad's shoulder.David moved his arm so it was around Tyler's back and pulled Tyler
closer. His head lowered to David's chest and he finally drifted to sleep
listening to the heartbeat of the man he met only a couple days ago but
strangely felt more comfortable with than anyone before. David hugged his
boy and closed his eyes, simply enjoying the feeling of being there for
Tyler. He didn't know all that he was going through and probably never
would but he was determined to be there for him whatever was to come along.Tyler was sound asleep as David rubbed his back and side. He couldn't
quite put a finger on it but he loved to touch him. It wasn't sexual, or
at least not that he knew of, he just wanted to show him that he loved him.
That he was there. Tyler squirmed a couple times pressing his body more
into his dad's, settling into the contours of the strong male frame
embracing him. Soon Tyler's leg was draped over David's and his arm was
reaching across David's chest."Get some sleep- I'm not going to let anything happened to you" David
whispered into the top of Tyler's head.His fingers danced across the young boy's back causing goose bumps wherever
they went. Several times he would look down and kiss the top of Tyler's
dark hair or run his fingers lazily through it. He ran his hand down his
son's side and ever so slowly drew it back up underage nude girls lolitas
towards his shoulder. He was
in no hurry and was, himself, becoming very sleepy. His fingers traced
their way up and stopped the instant he felt the delicate touch of the hair
in Tyler's armpit. He opened his sweet lolitas pussy bbs
eyes and looked down at Tyler's shoulder
as his fingers twisted around the softest hair he had ever felt in his
life.His cock filled with blood and was soon tugging at the material of his
pants, begging for attention. David rolled his eyes at himself and again,
kissed the top of Tyler's head. He reached down with his other hand and
gave himself a squeeze. He moaned as he gripped his rod through the
material of his pants and hugged his son's naked back against his body. As
the minutes passed, more than anything he wanted to unzip his fly pull out
his cock and stroke it but- if Tyler woke up- oh my god No!- he couldn't do
that. Instead he just continued squeezing it. He felt the precum flowing
already as he focused on the feeling of Tyler's hips against his leg.
Imagining his ass again. His narrow waist. The glimpse of the top of
Tyler's butt crack that he saw. Faster than ever he had himself on the
verge of blowing his load into his underwear. His other hand left the
downy perfection of Tyler's armpit and continued it's roaming around his
back. He looked down to kiss Tyler's head again and he looked at the small
of his back; the soft velvety curve leading into the loose fabric of his
shorts. He hugged him closer and saw Tyler pull even closer to his
side. In doing so, a small gap between the boy's shorts and his skin
appeared; right at the base of his spine he could see the dark shadow under
the clothes. He slid his hand down into it and for just a moment felt
heaven. He knew what he was doing was so russian lols cp girls very wrong but there was no way he
could stop. He slid his finger in an inch, and then two. He top lolita list sites felt the
crease that was the top of Tyler's ass crack. His breathing quickened and
the throbbing of his cock was harder than he had ever felt it. He closed
his eyes and pictured the perfect white mounds and saw in his mind exactly
where his finger was and BAM! His body tightened and twitched as he filled
his briefs with a giant sticky load of cream! He feared he would wake up
Tyler but couldn't completely stop himself from jolting. He pulled his
hand off of the shorts and hugged Tyler tightly.He looked down and kissed his head again and saw the pool of cum soaking
through his pants; forming a large spot, just inches away from Tyler's arm.
He dropped his head to the pillow and his entire body went limp as Tyler
stirred ever so slightly. He closed his eyes again and let sleep overtake
him.Russell and Chip sat at the kitchen table playing a game of Gin when Chip
looked at the clock. "God, it's already 2 o'clock! How much longer are
they gonna sleep?""Oh settle down, you're only getting antsy because I'm beating you.""That's not the point- alright- maybe a little- but still it's been more
than 4 hours.""Are you suggesting that we go wake up that poor boy after he's had his
life flipped upside down simply because you're bored?" Russell quipped."No- of course not!"Russell laid down his cards "Gin." He said with a collected tone- "you're
cleaning the pool.""Damn it," Chip said as he threw down his cards, "I don't know why I ever
agree to play this with you, in six years I've beaten you once- and YOU
were drunk!""Maybe deep down inside you really like cleaning the pool. Either that or
you're humoring me because you don't want to see an old man like me
scooping leaves out of a pool without a shirt on."Chip smiled and stood up. "Definitely the second part Russ." With a pat
to Russell's shoulder he walked to the garage to get the supplies to clean
the pool. As he opened the supply closet the pool rake fell and took 4
other items down with it. They crashed into the pavement making a loud
bang. He quickly bent down to pick them up and finished gathering the pool
supplies. He stripped off his shirt, took off his shorts and put on a pair
of swim trunks incase he slipped into the water; which had happened more
times than he'd like to admit.Tyler's eyes snapped open to the sound of a loud crash somewhere in the
house. He looked around as much as he could without lifting his head and
stretched his fingers before laying them back little lolitas baby dorki
down onto David's chest. He
could hear him snoring a little bit as he closed his eyes again and moved
his hand around trying to find a comfortable position again. As he slid
his hand down, he felt his dad's stomach, muscular but soft to the
touch. His hand slid down a little more and he felt the end of his dad's
shirt and his hand was on bare skin. He opened his eyes again and looked
down to see just an inch of skin top lolita list sites showing. He looked at the fine narrow
line of hair that lead into his dad's shorts and then saw a large dark spot
on his pants.He reached down and touched it and not only was it still wet but he felt
his dad's dick under there. He withdrew his hand immediately and held very
still. He listened. David's snoring had not changed so he touched it
again- he was plump- and thick. "Oh my God" he thought. He had enough
experience with jerking off to know what cum feels like but the small
amounts of it that he had been making over the past few months seemed like
nothing compared to the saturation he saw. He could see the outline of his
dad's dick under his shorts and was amazed at the size of it. Tyler was
bigger than most of his friends in the showers after gym and he had seen a
couple of his friends hard before and his five and a half inches were much
more impressive than theirs. He ran his thumb along the length of it and
quietly marveled at how long he was. His small hands seemed even more
dwarfed next to the eight inches of meat.He pushed on it and could tell it wasn't totally hard- or at least not as
hard as his own dick got. Tyler knew that he liked to look at guys but
never really thought about anything beyond that. He liked the way guys
looked and acted. Everything about his male friends excited him the way
they would talk about girls in their free lolita rape mpegs
class. He even thought about his best
friend Bryan when he jerked off from time sweet lolitas pussy bbs to time. But he hadn't thought
about anything like that since before his mom died. Slowly the feel of his
dad's dick was overtaken by the weight of the arm on his back and the
beating of his dad's heart. With the steadiness of his breaths putting him
into a trance, he was soon asleep again.**As always guys, I'd love to hear preteen lolita pussy thumbnails your thoughts! 68620to43203gmail.com**
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